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Wedding Packages Team

The story of New Zealand Wedding Packages began in 2012 when Rachael Schepers (celebrant), Virginia Woolf (photographer) and Milo and Kimberley Coldren (Gourmet Sailing) worked together to create a dream wedding for Dan and Beccy at Nelson’s lighthouse. Dan and Beccy travelled from England to New Zealand to get married in Nelson’s lighthouse in response to a dream.

Rachael, Virginia, Milo and Kimberley all went above and beyond to make this a wedding to remember for Dan and Beccy. In fact, they had so much fun working together on this that they wanted to do it more. Each person had at some time expressed an interest in putting together wedding packages and they felt that this was the team they wanted to do it with. They were joined by Ron Schepers, Rachael’s husband, who is also a wedding celebrant and has worked to help put all the ideas together.

It is this team that makes New Zealand Wedding Packages unique. Each team member is a wedding professional in their own right and has had many years of experience in the wedding industry in the Nelson region. They all have long established relationships with other vendors and work with the best of them. It is the combination of their passion, their professionalism, fun personalities and “nothing is a problem” attitude that has endeared them to each other and makes them the perfect team for your New Zealand wedding experience.

You will also not see this website filled with wedding industry awards or endorsements.  Many awards and endorsements are based on vendors paying a membership fee or winning a social media popularity contest, rather than a true reflection of people’s experiences.  Instead, we have chosen to put all our effort into creating unforgettable weddings and there is no greater endorsement than the testimonials of the couples we have worked with.  Read our wedding stories.