You might be someone who likes to do your own research and organising, you may already know someone with a private property in the area, or want a location we don’t already cover – the ‘Somewhere else’ location is for you!

You can either choose and organise the location and we will happily come and provide a package service for your wedding, or tell us where you would like to get married and we can help make all the arrangements to get you there and use that location.

At the moment we operate out of the Nelson region and can provide the services of our team in that area. However, if you wish to be married in a different part of New Zealand, we may still be able to help using our network of friends.

Our price for a wedding at your location starts at $3200 and will depend on your choice of location and any additional services you require. We would be more than happy to give you a quote, so please contact us and tell us about your ideas!